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Public Hearings to Allow Land Subdivision of 2/3/4-Plex Developments

By Southern Crossing Neighborhood Association | May 6, 2022

Amendments have been proposed to the Bend Development Code (BDC) in response to Senate Bill 458 which was passed by the Oregon Legislature in 2021. (These changes are a follow-up to significant Code changes passed by City Council last fall, supporting higher housing density and reduced requirements.) The new law requires cities to allow lots…

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Bend Shelter Code Amendments Public Hearing

By Southern Crossing Neighborhood Association | April 21, 2022

The Bend City Council will hold a single public hearing on amendments to the Bend Comprehensive Plan and Bend Development Code for three permanent shelter types (Group, Multi-Room, and Outdoor) and two temporary shelter types (Temporary and Hardship Housing). This will be a hybrid hearing, taking place on Wednesday May 4 at 7pm. You can…

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Request a Neighborhood Speed Radar

By Southern Crossing Neighborhood Association | April 15, 2022

The neighborhood speed radar program is five mobile speed radar signs that rotate to different neighborhood streets and serve as an education tool encouraging motorists to drive the speed limit. The radars are placed from May through October at locations selected by the Neighborhood Associations. To request a speed radar, tell us of a specific…

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