The Southern Crossing Neighborhood Association (SCNA) is actively working to help address traffic and street safety concerns in our neighborhood. Our neighborhood Transportation Team has created the following Neighborhood Traffic Review reports, which have also been provided to City planners.

Woodriver Village and Woodriver Drive

Silver Lake Boulevard and Blakely Road

The Bluffs Neighborhood

These are resources for our neighbors to provide insight into ongoing projects within the City of Bend that impact SCNA.

FIle a City Complaint or Report with Bend Works

Allows you to report a variety of non-emergency issues around town, such as road and sidewalk related problems, water/sewer issues, vegetation, graffiti, non-emergency police and fire requests, and more. Additionally, you can track the status of your requests, and see other requests that have been submitted.

Subscribe to the City's Weekly Road and Traffic Report

The City of Bend releases a road and traffic report each Friday during peak construction season to help members of our community plan the quickest, safest and most reliable routes to their destinations. The weekly report is intended to provide information about various projects within City limits that impact public roadways.

If you would like to subscribe to the Weekly Road and Traffic Reports, go to, select "Weekly Road and Traffic Reports" (plus anything else of interest) and enter your email address.

You can also fins reports and check the City's interactive online map at

The Neighborhood Street Safety Program (NSSP) is a new program for small-scale, residential street projects to address pedestrian and bicycle safety, safe routes to school, speeding, intersection control and crossings, and other residential street traffic safety related issues.

In the 2019-2021 biennial budget, the City Council approved $800,000 to fund the program. Last fall, the City received more than 360 applications for projects all across Bend (Map Tab 1). These projects were then reviewed and prioritized by the Neighborhood Associations (NAs) in which they were located. Each NA submitted its top one or two projects for advancement to the NLA, which resulted in a list of 25 priority projects (Map Tab 2).

City staff packaged these 25 projects with additional details such as demographic data, crash data and cost information and provided this to the NLA in December. NLA representatives ranked their top 15 projects, considering safety and geographic equity. The results of the rankings highlighted eight top-priority projects – all from different neighborhoods - that addressed traffic flow and safety in neighborhoods (Map Tab 3).

These eight projects will now move into design and outreach. In May 2020, the NLA will revisit the projects for a final stamp of approval.

Southern Crossing Traffic Concerns - NSSP screenshot