About the SCNA Board

Southern Crossing Neighborhood Association Board

The Southern Crossing Neighborhood Association (SCNA) board is comprised of volunteers working on behalf of our neighborhood.

We encourage your participation whether it is as a one-time volunteer for an event, general interest in some of our initiatives around traffic or land use, special projects such as fire safety and septic to sewer, acting as a liaison between neighbors and the unique business district within our borders, or interest in joining the board - we want to hear from you!

Board Members:

Open position -  [email protected]

Vice Chair / Land Use Chair
Roberta Silverman - [email protected]

Lowell Von Ruden - [email protected]

Open position - [email protected]

General Board Member
Monty McIntosh

Additional open positions


IT / Communications
Lowell Von Ruden - [email protected]


​The bylaws set forth the official name, boundaries, guidelines and rules recognized by the Bend City Council.

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Board FAQs

SCNA Board Member Interest Form

Are you interested in joining the Southern Crossing Neighborhood Association board? Positions are for two calendar years, except when joining mid-term. Please tell us a little bit about yourself and why you are interested in joining the board.

  • (Chair and Secretary positions are for the remainder of the current 1/1/22 - 12/31/23 term.)
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  • Diversity

    The following questions are asked to help the Board strive to reflect the diversity of our neighborhood.
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Your Neighborhood Needs YOU!

Are you interested in:

* Secretary * General Board Member *
* Assist Land Use Chair with land use projects *
* Traffic and Street Safety *
* Strategic Planning * Special Event Planning *
* Safety, emergency preparedness, neighborhood response *
* Membership Development, Recruiting, Volunteer Outreach *
* Business liaison - establish and build relationships between the neighborhood and the business community within *
* Communications / Canvassing / Tabling Events *

If you would like to volunteer, please email us at [email protected]!