Land Use / Development

SCNA's Role in Land Use / Development

The City of Bend keeps the Neighborhood Association informed of any significant potential land use activity in our Neighborhood and adjacent Neighborhoods, and the Land Use Committee sends a representative to public meetings associated with development in the neighborhood. We also seek to make sure that you, as neighbors, have an opportunity to know what is happening with land development before you see construction begin. 

The City assigns a project number to all land use actions that come before the Planning Department. All paperwork associated with the project is available online, on the City of Bend website. If you choose to write to the City regarding any land use issue, please include the project number to make sure your comments get to the right place. 

The links below can be used to find info on current land use activity in the Southern Crossing neighborhood. If you are having trouble finding what you are looking for, please let us know and we will try to help.

Developers and others that are required by the City of Bend to contact us may write and e-mail

Vice Chair / Land Use Coordinator
Roberta Silverman

​Mailing address:
Southern Crossing
Neighborhood Association
Attn: Land Use Chair
PO Box 1332
Bend OR 97709

Land Use Notices, Notice of Events,
Public Hearings, and Public Meetings

Important Land Use Survey

By Southern Crossing Neighborhood Association | Apr 5, 2020

The Neighborhood Leadership Alliance (NLA) is asking the community to tell them what they know (or don’t know) about land use. The survey can be found at This survey will help develop a land use education plan, including new resources for NAs to use to help the community better understand…

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Large Redevelopment Plan for Pine Ridge Inn area, virtual meeting Apr 15, 5:30-6:30pm

By Deby DeWeese, Vice Chair / Land Use Coordinator | Mar 30, 2020

There is a virtual public meeting planned for Wednesday, April 15, at 5:30pm to discuss a large redevelopment plan for the area at and near the Pine Ridge Inn. The development is on land at Colorado, Century, and Mt. Bachelor Drive. Click on this link to look at the site plan: pine_ridge_inn_apr_15_5.30pm.pdf The meeting…

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Parking lot change to Pine Ridge Inn

By Deby DeWeese, Vice Chair / Land Use Coordinator | Mar 12, 2020

CANCELLED AS OF MARCH 16, 2020 – There is a public meeting for a proposed change to the parking lot for the Pine Ridge Inn, which is located at 1200 Mt. Bachelor Drive.  The meeting will be held on Thursday, March 19th at 5:30 PM in the conference room of the Marriott Residence…

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Proposed development of 26 units at 1285 SW Silver Lake Blvd.

By Deby DeWeese, Vice Chair / Land Use Coordinator | Feb 12, 2020

There is a public meeting for a proposed development of 26 units at 1285 SW Silver Lake Blvd.  Since this is the preliminary meeting, there is no PZ number, but, if you are interested in learning what is being proposed so you can comment later, do attend.  One of the…

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Two public hearings on changes to City code for special development in the Bend Central District

By Southern Crossing Neighborhood Association | Dec 29, 2019

PZ-19-0861 For further information: Pauline Hardie, Senior Planner (541) 693-2153; [email protected] First hearing is with the Planning Commission: PLANNING COMMISSION HEARING DATE: Monday, January 13, 2020, 5:30pm HEARING LOCATION: Council Chambers Bend City Hall 710 NW Wall St Bend, OR 97703 Second hearing is with the Bend City Council: CITY COUNCIL…

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80 Unit Hotel at 623 SW Mill View Way

By Southern Crossing Neighborhood Association | Oct 1, 2019

There is a public meeting on Tuesday, October 8 at 6pm at Sunrise Village Lodge at 19560 Sunshine Way to discuss this project.  If you want to learn more about this 80 Unit Hotel project and how to submit any public comments, come to the October 8, 6pm meeting.

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Land Use Tools

City of Bend ePlans

This is the City's website page for land use tracking. Scroll down and select "ePlans(public viewer) under Online Services. Enter a project number in the Search line. The project number should be in the format PZ-xx-xxxx and it is case sensitive.

DIAL Map - Deschutes County

If you have questions about zoning or property boundaries, this interactive map from Deschutes County may help.

Bend Land Information System (BLIS) Map

This new mapping tool was released to Council in July and is now available to the general public. The BLIS allows users to explore the development status of residential lands across the UGB, as well as the location, type and number of residential dwelling units.

Bend Land Information System