Land Use / Development

SCNA's Role in Land Use / Development

The City of Bend keeps the Neighborhood Association informed of any significant potential land use activity in our Neighborhood and adjacent Neighborhoods, and the Land Use Committee sends a representative to public meetings associated with development in the neighborhood. We also seek to make sure that you, as neighbors, have an opportunity to know what is happening with land development before you see construction begin. 

The City assigns a project number to all land use actions that come before the Planning Department. All paperwork associated with the project is available online, on the City of Bend website. If you choose to write to the City regarding any land use issue, please include the project number to make sure your comments get to the right place. 

The links below can be used to find info on current land use activity in the Southern Crossing neighborhood. If you are having trouble finding what you are looking for, please let us know and we will try to help.

Developers and others that are required by the City of Bend to contact us may write and e-mail

Vice Chair / Land Use Coordinator
Roberta Silverman

​Mailing address:
Southern Crossing
Neighborhood Association
Attn: Land Use Chair
PO Box 1332
Bend OR 97709

Want to get involved in your neighborhood?

Land Use Notices, Notice of Events,
Public Hearings, and Public Meetings

Note:  To look up the full notification and pertinent documents, go to ePlans on the City website at this link:
Choose the Public Viewer and enter the full PZ number in the Search bar in the upper, right-hand corner (example:  PZ-00-0000)

Help Guide the Future of Deschutes River South Canyon

By Southern Crossing Neighborhood Association | May 19, 2022

Bend risks losing the largest open green space remaining by the Deschutes River – the Deschutes South Canyon. Several Neighborhood Associations including Southern Crossing NA, Southwest Bend NA and Century West NA have teamed up on a survey to learn how Bend residents use this 100+ acre wildlife corridor and…

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Public Hearings to Allow Land Subdivision of 2/3/4-Plex Developments

By Southern Crossing Neighborhood Association | May 6, 2022

Amendments have been proposed to the Bend Development Code (BDC) in response to Senate Bill 458 which was passed by the Oregon Legislature in 2021. (These changes are a follow-up to significant Code changes passed by City Council last fall, supporting higher housing density and reduced requirements.) The new law…

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Bend Shelter Code Amendments Public Hearing

By Southern Crossing Neighborhood Association | Apr 21, 2022

The Bend City Council will hold a single public hearing on amendments to the Bend Comprehensive Plan and Bend Development Code for three permanent shelter types (Group, Multi-Room, and Outdoor) and two temporary shelter types (Temporary and Hardship Housing). This will be a hybrid hearing, taking place on Wednesday May…

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Bend Houseless Strategies Town Hall

By Southern Crossing Neighborhood Association | Apr 14, 2022

Two town hall meetings are being hosted by several Neighborhood Associations and a group of Bend residents. The objectives of these meetings are to educate Bend residents on the proposed shelter code amendments (information here), describe programs that successfully serve the houseless, discuss with the panel their expectations related to…

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Public Meeting for 8 Unit Apartment Building in Old Mill District

By Southern Crossing Neighborhood Association | Feb 9, 2022

There will be a public meeting for a proposed 8 unit residential apartment building on the vacant lot located at the corner of SW Upper Terrace Drive and SW Bond Street in the Old Mill District. Download the meeting notification here. The planning pre-application web page has additional information and…

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Public Meeting for 315 Apartment Mixed Use at Box Factory – UPDATED

By Southern Crossing Neighborhood Association | Jan 8, 2022

There will be a public meeting for a large mixed-use development proposal in Southern Crossing – but this one is not just the “same old, same old”. The owners of the Box Factory, Killian Pacific from Portland, plan to build about 315 environmentally focused apartments and 12,000 square feet of…

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Land Use Tools

City of Bend ePlans

This is the City's website page for land use tracking. Scroll down and select "ePlans(public viewer) under Online Services. Enter a project number in the Search line. The project number should be in the format PZ-xx-xxxx and it is case sensitive.

DIAL Map - Deschutes County

If you have questions about zoning or property boundaries, this interactive map from Deschutes County may help.

Bend Land Information System (BLIS) Map

This new mapping tool was released to Council in July and is now available to the general public. The BLIS allows users to explore the development status of residential lands across the UGB, as well as the location, type and number of residential dwelling units.

Bend Land Information System

Ongoing Projects

Pine Ridge Inn Redevelopment

How To Comment on the Pine Ridge Inn Redevelopment Project (also known as Bend's Village)
The official comment period will not open until the City makes this project an official project; however, you can comment now.
  • Send your comment to the Planner on the project, Sara Anselment:
  • Be sure to reference the plan number:  PZ-20-0263
  • In addition, request that your comment be entered into the public record.
Please also cc or bcc your comments to so we can keep track of your comments.

You may also send your comment to the City Council:

Be sure to tell them you vote.

COID Land Development

How To Comment on the COID Development Project 
More information coming soon!


How To Comment on the Korpine Project
This is still in the early stages of planning but Korpine is a major redevelopment project within the heart of Bend and Southern Crossing.
  • Send your comment to the Senior Planner on the project, Allison Platt:
  • In addition, request that your comment be entered into the public record.
Please also cc or bcc your comments to so we can keep track of your comments.