City Goal Setting Survey ~ Closes Dec 28th!

The City of Bend is asking what matters to YOU in Bend in order to set their goals. Southern Crossing Neighborhood Association is encouraging you to fill out that survey and we are asking you to include 3 items in your responses that reflect land use concerns in our area.

The survey will take you less than 5 minutes and it closes on December 28th so please do so ASAP:

In the open-ended question on the survey asking you the most important issue for Bend, please include these 3 items with any of your own answers.

That question is the best place for you to list these:

1) Change the Bend Tree Code to save more trees in developments

2) City Councilors need to listen to Neighborhood Associations and start attending Neighborhood Association meetings

3) Make certain the GO Bond is actually used to increase neighborhood safety and alleviate congestion

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