Chamberlain Street NSSP Project

The city is in the design phase of a Neighborhood Street Safety Program (NSSP) project on SW Chamberlain Street. The city is planning to pave a 300-foot gravel section of the street, including the addition of safety improvements for bicycles and pedestrians, add an improved bicycle/pedestrian crossing of SW Reed Market Road, and remove an existing barrier to allow through traffic on the street. City planners have recently released two concept diagrams of what the improvements could look like.

Note that the diagrams below are early concepts, not final plans. The yellow dashed lines on the diagrams indicate the city’s existing right-of-way. Both concepts include a wide marked crosswalk over Reed Market on each side of Chamberlain. Both also include a narrowed pavement width, and narrowed entry from Reed Market, which will encourage lower speeds. Sharrow markings in Concept 1 indicate that bicycles will be sharing the lane. Tubular markers in Concept 2 are typically plastic posts that separate the bike lanes from the traffic lane.


Chamberlain Street NSSP Concept 1

NSSP Chamberlain Concept 1

Click image to download full size.


Chamberlain Street NSSP Concept 2

NSSP Chamberlain Concept 2

Click image to download full size.

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