Why You Should and How You Can Comment to the Bend Planning Commission About Micro Units

Thank you to those of you who filled out the recent Neighborhood Leadership Alliance (NLA) survey regarding Bend’s proposed Code Change to allow micro unit housing in all neighborhoods. The response rate was high and the NLA used the results and your comments on the survey to frame a letter to the Bend Planning Commission.
We hope you will take the time to read this letter as members of your Southern Crossing Neighborhood Association Board have worked hours with the NLA to go over the survey results so your voices can be heard:

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As you can see, you and your neighbors made it clear to the NLA that Bendites are not against affordable housing, but the code changes the City is proposing do NOT reflect best practices for micro units so they can be successful in our community.

Thus, the NLA is recommending important changes to the code to make them more humane and the NLA is recommending that the City move more slowly by recommending that micro units be tested in Mixed Use Urban Zones and the Bend Central District rather than approving them to be built starting in November for all neighborhoods. These positions are a reflection of the survey results.

If you wish to also submit a public comment about micro units, you can use this letter as a framework – or submit your own comments – but know that emotional arguments are ignored while factual arguments have a better chance of being considered.

The first opportunity to comment is to submit an email to the Planning Commission before noon on August 24. To do so, email your comment to:cityplanningcommissionall@bendoregon.govYou need to cc: phardie@bendoregon.govYou also MUST put the Planning Number in either the subject line or as a heading for your letter: PZ-20-0526
If you are interested in virtually attending the Planning Commission meeting where the Commission will discuss this and decide whether or not to recommend these Code Changes to the City Council, go to this site and scroll down to watch a brief video on how to participate:

Please watch carefully as these virtual meetings are a bit more complicated to attend.

Having trouble with the link above? Enter this url in your browser: https://www.bendoregon.gov/government/citizen-committees/planning-commission

Again, thank you to those of you who filled out the survey and for those of you who will be emailing the Commission. We will keep you posted as these Code Changes work their way through the Bend government process.
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