Deschutes Alert System (DAS)

Early August 2020 marks the 30-year anniversary of the Awbrey Hall fire. This was the largest fire that has ever threatened our community. We lost 22 homes during this destructive fire, but we learned many lessons about the importance creating defensible space around our homes. If another fire threatens our community, can you be notified quickly?

Wildland fire season is upon us and its important Deschutes County officials can alert you of pending evacuations that may happen in your neighborhood. In the past, officials were able to call home landlines with emergency information. However, times have changed, and most of us no longer have landlines. Now, Deschutes County can send the same emergency information over cell phones, text messages, and email – but ONLY IF YOU REGISTER to receive the messaging.

Deschutes Alert System (DAS) will send messaging for:

  • Emergency Evacuations (Fire, Flooding, Public Welfare, etc.)
  • Natural Disasters (Fire, Flooding, etc.)
  • Missing or Endangered Children or Elderly
  • Hazardous Material Incidents
  • Neighborhood Emergencies

Please follow the link and register so we can get emergency information to you. Although this is an excellent alerting system, it does not guarantee notification on all emergency events. Please remember to also use the local radio and TV during community emergencies.

Source: paraphrased from Nextdoor post by