Neighborhood Street Safety Program Updates

Great News for SCNA Traffic Safety

Two high-priority Neighborhood Street Safety Program (NSSP) projects from the survey last fall have been approved by the City!  With the help of our traffic committee who previously canvassed SCNA neighborhoods for traffic safety issues, we could see all the project ideas that neighbors prioritized and that had the best chance of approval. The two approved projects expected to go in 2025 are:

  • Improving safety and connecting the sidewalk at the SW Chamberlain Street and SW Silver Lake Boulevard intersection (download summary)
  • Speed reduction from SW Blakely Road and SW Powers Road to SW Silver Lake Boulevard (download summary)

The other traffic safety ideas prioritized in the survey that did not fall under NSSP guidelines were submitted via the City’s service request system.

The earlier NSSP project that includes paving SW Chamberlain Street and improving the crosswalk where it meets SW Reed Market Road is still in the design phase as the City incorporates feedback from the neighborhood. Stay tuned!

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