Members Needed for Tree Regulation Update Advisory Committee

The City is looking for community members to join a new temporary committee designed to help guide the future of how and where trees will be regulated in Bend. The focus of this work effort is to update regulations for managing trees on sites proposed for new, large-scale development – like a subdivision or commercial center. The Council also wants to explore ways to preserve and expand Bend’s overall urban canopy.

On May 3, the Bend City Council approved a resolution that forms a temporary committee called the Tree Regulation Update Advisory Committee. The committee, which will range between 11-15 people, is charged with developing and proposing potential changes to City codes and standards for tree preservation. The committee will be comprised of the following members:

  • One member of the Human Rights and Equity Commission
  • One member of the Environment and Climate Committee
  • One member of the Affordable Housing Advisory Committee
  • One member of the Neighborhood Leadership Alliance
  • Arborist(s)
  • Developers representing affordable housing, production housing and commercial development
  • Members from the community at large and from community organizations
  • Bend Park and Recreation District staff person, as a non-voting member

Anyone interested who fits into one of the categories listed above can apply on the Advisory Committee Application webpage on the city’s website no later than May 12. For more information and overall timeline for the code update, visit the Tree Regulation Update webpage.

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