COID Property Line Adjustment Update

As recently reported, COID had submitted a series of five Type II Property Line Adjustment (PLA) applications to the City in order to reconfigure the parcels in the Deschutes South Canyon that it proposes selling to a developer.  The City received a record breaking number of public comments – 338 in total – opposing approval on the PLAs. It is clear that many people love this open green space and rely on it for their health and mental well-being.

If you were among those who made comment you may be aware that the City approved the PLAs the day after the comment period closed. (Those who commented should have received notice of the application approval.) This takes the process one step closer to completion of the sale.

It was disappointing and frustrating to learn that approval was essentially guaranteed, no matter how many public comments were submitted with valid arguments against this decision. However, City Planning acknowledges in its decision that the PLAs do not conform with Bend Development Code 3.1.200.C.4 and in order to approve the PLAs the City is requiring that COID enter into a Covenant that affords some protections to the land. You can download the detailed decision. As we learn more about the Covenant and its impact on the sale of the property, we will keep you posted.

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